What Are the Signs of Mange in Pets?


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The signs of mange in pets include hair loss, sores, itching, scratching, the appearance of scabs and bacterial infections in dogs and itching, scratching and restlessness in cats. Mange in cats is rare, but not impossible.

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The symptoms in both dogs and cats vary slightly depending on the type of mange that the animal exhibits. If it appears as though a pet has mange, the pet should see a veterinarian. The veterinarian can take a skin scraping that can be observed under the microscope to determine whether or not the pet has mange. Once the condition has been confirmed, treatment can begin.

Treatment for mange occurs through oral medication or injection. There are also topical treatments such as specially formulated shampoos. It is helpful to provide pets with a calm and stress-free environment so that they can fully recover. Most dogs and cats who are given proper treatment recover fully, though it can take several months for the skin to return to a healthy state.

Humans can contract mange from their pets in the form of rashes that look like mosquito bites, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. However, the condition is not contagious and to get it, the mites must move from the pet to the human. Quick treatment of the mange condition will keep it from affecting the owner or other pets in the home.

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