What Are the Side Effects of a Rabies Vaccination in Cats?


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The most common side effects from a rabies vaccination for a cat include mild fever, reduced appetite and some discomfort in the area where the vaccination was given. Typical side effects usually begin several hours after the vaccination and generally only last a few days, according to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

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Serious side effects from a rabies vaccination are rare, but they can happen. These include potentially life-threatening allergic reaction to the vaccination, which can occur several minutes to an hour after the vaccination was given, and the development of a tumor at the site of where the vaccination was given.

Other more common minor side effects in cats from a rabies vaccination include swelling at the area where the vaccination was administered and a loss of interest in normal activities. Cat owners should always contact their veterinarian if they believe their cat is having a reaction to the vaccine.

Since rabies is a serious threat in felines, rabies vaccinations are necessary to keep them protected from the disease. There are also other vaccinations that can protect a cat from diseases and illnesses including feline distemper, feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus. It is important to become knowledgeable about the different vaccines available for felines, as well as when they will need to receive these vaccinations. Rabies vaccinations are usually good for 1 to 3 years.

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