What Are Some Facts About Siberian Kittens?


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Siberian kittens mature at a slow pace, often not reaching full physical maturation until they are 5 years old. Most of their growth occurs in the first year and a half of life. When full-grown, a Siberian cat typically weighs 8 to 17 pounds, but some neutered male kittens can eventually weigh up to 25 pounds. Siberian kittens are available in many patterns and colors and may have blue or odd-colored eyes.

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Siberians are exceptionally agile jumpers. They are alert, active and adventurous and can often climb to great heights and leap across wide expanses.

Typically, Siberian kittens tend to get along well with other cats, dogs and children. They have bold, but calm dispositions, and are generally affectionate, playful and adaptable to new environments. Kittens may often follow their owners around and use vocalizations such as trills, purrs and chirps to communicate. Siberian kittens are also highly intelligent. Provide them with puzzle toys, and teach them tricks that are rewarded with kibble to challenge their inquisitive minds.

Siberians have triple coats that require brushing a few times a week to prevent mats and tangles from developing. They shed in the spring and fall and may need more frequent brushing during those periods.

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