Are Siberian Husky Mix Puppies Good Pets for Kids?


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The ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) lists the Siberian husky, a gentle breed that enjoys the company of people, as a dog good with children. Because huskies exhibit an agreeable and outgoing personality, they're well suited to live with children as a family pet and for a variety of situations.

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Siberian huskies were originally bred in northeast Asia as sled dogs mainly because of their high endurance and eagerness to work. Because of those same traits, huskies do require regular exercise and stimulation. Huskies also display a strong predatory instinct and, while they are not a threat to humans, they should be monitored closely around other small pets and even small outdoor animals. While this breed of dog is generally easy to keep and maintain, their thick coat of fur does need regular grooming. Siberian huskies are known to howl as opposed to barking and can have some behavioral issues because of their very active and energetic tendencies. They are known to roam and may often try to make escape attempts such as digging under fences, jumping over fences and even chewing through fences. Huskies need proper and consistent training to avoid these types of behavior.

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