What Do Siberian Huskies Eat?


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The Siberian husky thrives on nutrients of both animal and plant origin. The breed has a particularly high protein requirement given its active nature. However, the husky's caloric needs relative to the size of the breed and its energetic, industrious nature are unusually small given its high metabolism.

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While a husky can be fed both dry and wet commercial food, many owners find that the dog thrives on healthier, rawer foods such as chicken, beef, lamb, fish, fruits and vegetables. Minerals contribute to nerve conduction and other functions. Vitamins help the husky process biochemicals.

Huskies do not tolerate grapes, prunes or raisins well. Cheese and dairy generally should be limited, but it can be used in small quantities to stimulate appetite, which is important given the husky's tendency to become bored with a routine diet. The breed also should avoid cooked bones and onion.

Despite the husky's propensity for boredom and stubbornness about diet, any changes in its dietary regime should be made gradually. Huskies should not be fed too soon after exertion because it can cause gastric distress. Their history of hard work in harsh conditions has developed not only a very efficient breed, but also a dog who eats only until it is full.

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