What Are Some Facts About Siberian Huskies?

siberian-huskies Credit: Bev Robertson/EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

The Siberian Husky is a dog with a long, thick coat; blue eyes; wolf-like distinctive markings; and erect triangular ears. This breed is very active and energetic, which often proves challenging for first-time owners. According to DogTime, Huskies are sometimes very difficult to train because they like to be independent, but they're also known to be affectionate, intelligent and good with children.

The Siberian Husky breed originated in Siberia, where they are used to pull heavy loads in extreme weather conditions. They were first imported into Alaska during the Nome Gold Rush and later spread to rest of the United States and Canada.

DogTime states that the beauty of Siberian Huskies inspires many people to adopt them. However, these people may not be aware of the breed's behavioural characteristics and difficulty in training. Additionally, Huskies like to explore and very often escape from their owners. This has resulted in many Siberian Huskies being given to animal shelters.

An ideal owner for this breed is someone who has experience with dogs and doesn't have a timid disposition. A potential owner should consider if he has the time and patience to dedicate to training. Once a Siberian Husky is properly trained, he is a very intelligent and affectionate companion.