Are Siamese Mix Cats Good Pets?

Erin Murphy/CC-BY-2.0

Siamese cats are affectionate, good-natured, vocal, communicative and playful. The dominant Siamese cat traits that prevail in the Siamese mixed breeds alike, are the enormous attention they require and their high intelligence. They are suitable for those looking for a pet that they can interact with regularly.

Other traits of the Siamese mix cat depend on the breed it is mixed with, because it has the characteristics of the combined breeds. If the exact mixed breed of a Siamese mix cat isn’t predetermined, the only way to determine it is by doing a DNA test. Some of the acknowledged Siamese mix breeds are: Balinese, Colorpoint shorthair, Flame point siamese cat, Himalayan, Oriental cats, Javinese, Snowshoe siamese, Tonkinese, Thai and Burmese.