What Are Some Facts About Siamese Cat Behavior?

Siamese cats are playful, active cats who bond strongly to their families and, unlike other cats, tend to be more active during the day than at night. The Siamese cat's intelligence makes it highly trainable and good at learning tricks, but also rather stubborn and mischievous.

Like most cats, Siamese cats enjoy sleeping on high perches and climbing. They are often found devising ways to scale furniture to reach the highest vantage point. They are investigative by nature, exploring and examining new items brought into the house.

Siamese cats are quite intelligent, and readily learn tricks. Games of fetch, walking on a leash, coming when called and hide-and-seek are favorite pastimes of some Siamese cats. They bond closely to their families, and can be needy at times, following their favorite people around and demanding attention. They appreciate having a companion, and readily get along with other pets and well-behaved children. Their outgoing personalities are sometimes called "dog-like."

Perhaps due to poorer eyesight than other cat breeds, the Siamese tends to be most active during the day. Siamese are also quite vocal. They have a wide range of expressive vocalizations, including a grunt of displeasure. Siamese appear to carry on conversations by responding to human voices.