What Do Shrews Eat?

Shrews are omnivores, eating insects, spiders, worms, frogs, mice and some plants and seeds. The main diet of a shrew is carnivorous, with shrews preferring a meal of millipedes, earthworms, or birds rather than nuts and seeds. A shrew has venomous saliva that it chews into its prey, helping to immobilize the prey, which is how shrews are able to hunt and overtake larger prey.

Although shrews are small, they eat frequently. Shrews can eat up to three times their weight in food per day. They amount of food they eat helps to regulate their body temperature. In the winter, they must eat more in order to stay warm.

Shrews will store food for the winter, catching and storing things like snails and beetles. A shrew held in captivity will store whatever foods the handler provides, including seeds and nuts.