What Is a Shovelnose Catfish?


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The Tiger Shovelnose Catfish belongs to the Pimelodidae family; it is a native to the rivers and freshwater tributaries of South America. Bearing a slender, silver body with black stripes and spots, the species is a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts.

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What Is a Shovelnose Catfish?
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Live Aquaria notes that this freshwater fish is one of the larger aquarium catfish, reaching 3 feet in length or more. Because of their size and high energy level, they must be kept in tanks of at least 180 gallons. Driftwood, plants and rocks replicate the natural environment of the shovelnose and provide plenty of cover. The species is not a picky eater in the wild nor in captivity; a variety of frozen foods, sinking catfish pellets, worms and dry foods provide adequate nutrition.

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