What Should You Know About Siberian Huskies Before Adopting One?

People adopting Siberian huskies need to understand that they are very high-energy dogs that need a lot of exercise. They are also very social dogs and need a lot of human or canine company to be happy.

Siberian huskies also have a strong prey drive, which means that they need to be carefully introduced to small animals, such as cats and smaller dogs. Some may never be trustworthy around small animals. They are also very strong; people bred them to run for miles, so they have good endurance. This means that their owners sometimes need to be creative in finding ways to exercise them. A bored Siberian husky may cause significant damage to the home or yard, and even well-exercised huskies may dig large holes.

People also bred Siberian huskies to work independently, so they are not always as eager to please their owners as some other breeds. They may need more patience and training than other breeds. They can be prone to escaping and may be difficult to call back, especially if they are chasing another animal. Huskies are generally not recommended for people who want a dog that can run around off-leash outside of fenced areas.

Huskies shed all year, and once or twice a year, they shed large clumps of hair. They need regular brushing to minimize shedding.