What Should You Plant for Deer to Eat?


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A mixture of plants such as peas and sorghum is actually the best option when cultivating a deer food plot. Other things to take into consideration are the location and whether or not it is a year-round or seasonal plot.

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For best results, to establish a seasonal plot to attract and feed deer, a location near a wooded area with a tree line provides proper cover for quick escape if the deer are startled. Planting clover, alfalfa and chicory as perennial selections results in a tasty treat to any deer within distance of its sweet smell. In the cooler months of early spring or fall, wheat, oats and rye are promising fare but do better in a larger patch.

To create a deer food plot that provides sustenance for passing herds, cow peas or soybeans combined with sorghum and millet do a fairly well-rounded job of keeping the animals coming back. Subterranean clover is also an excellent ground cover especially near the tree line in addition to this combination since it is shade tolerant and reseeds itself. One extra addition to the feeding plot that not only attracts deer to a yard but also provides them with essential minerals necessary for their good health is a salt lick. All of these items are typically available at a local farm or feed supply store; some stores also sell deer feeders.

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