How Should Pancreatitis Be Treated in Dogs?


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Pancreatitis in dogs is treated according to its cause, and if no cause is found, a vet typically advises owners to give the dog a 24-hour break from food, water and oral medications, says WebMD. IV fluids may be necessary in severe cases.

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How Should Pancreatitis Be Treated in Dogs?
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After a 24-hour break from food and water, a dog needs to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, according to WebMD. A dog may also be prescribed pain medication and medication to treat vomiting and nausea. When eating resumes, give the dog food low in fat that is easily digestible. The pet should eat this food for at least several months up to a lifetime.

If the pancreatitis is in response to a trigger such as a drug, a vet treats it by taking the pet off the medication, states WebMD. If the pancreatitis is caused by an unhealthy diet, a vet can put a dog on a prescription diet. To prevent pancreatitis in dogs, pet owners should avoid feeding their dogs diets high in fat. Secure garbage cans and monitor pets or keep them away during parties and holidays where they have easier access to food that is bad for them. Dogs that are older or overweight, or a breed such as a schnauzer, are more prone to pancreatitis.

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