How Should You Introduce Cats to Each Other?

How Should You Introduce Cats to Each Other?

To introduce cats to each other, they should be kept in separate rooms in the same house for about a week and then be allowed to see each other under controlled conditions. Treats and toys can help the cats get ready to occupy the same space.

  1. Keep cats in separate rooms

    Allow the cats to smell and hear each other. Provide each cat separate containers for food, water and litter, and give them treats near the door once in a while. After two or three days, switch the cats.

  2. Let the cats see each other

    Use a screen door or baby gates stacked atop each other so the cats can see each other. One cat and one person should be on each side. Throw treats behind the cats when they notice each other. Start providing meals, toys and treats near the barriers.

  3. Allow the cats to occupy the same space

    Introduce the cats to a shared space when both are calm. A water gun or squirt bottle may be handy if aggression occurs. The more the cats get along, the more time they can spend together before being separated again.