What Should You Do If Your Goldfish Is Sick?


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Remove a sick goldfish to a separate, smaller tank to prevent the spread of disease and to observe it closely. Check for specific symptoms such as droopy fins, a bloated abdomen, rapid movement of gills, spots on the skin or whether the fish swims on its side, suggests ExoticPetVet.net. Get the assistance of a veterinarian who knows how to treat fish to receive an exact diagnosis of the condition and the right course of treatment.

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Since poor water quality contributes to many parasitic diseases, examine the tank's water temperature, lighting, pH, water chemistry and filtration systems. Test the water to determine whether these values are within the right limits for goldfish, notes ExoticPetVet.net. In cases of illness, veterinarians often prescribe drugs or other chemicals to infuse into the water in small doses. Plain, non-iodized table salt added to the aquarium also sometimes helps a sick goldfish.

After recovery, move the goldfish back into its normal tank. Ensure that it's a large tank with a tight-fitting lid, adequate lighting and a fully functional filtration system. In addition to goldfish food, include spinach, frozen vegetables and live plants in the fish's diet. Supplement its protein requirements with earthworms, hard-boiled egg yolk and brine shrimp, suggests PetEducation.com.

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