What Should You Feed Wild Squirrels?


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You can feed wild squirrels a staple food such as crushed rodent chow that is available in pet supply stores. Squirrels are predominantly herbivores that can feed on apple slices or sweet, brightly colored vegetables like carrots.

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You can also give them a combination of seeds such as sunflower seeds with nuts like walnuts, hickory nuts or hazelnuts mixed with corn. While nuts and seeds are a squirrel favorite, they are not a dietary staple. You can also supplement their diet with roasted peanuts, but peanuts are a legume and not nutritionally complete. Never give them raw peanuts, as they contain a mold that can be toxic to squirrels.

Squirrels like to gnaw on animal bones,so you can give them an occasional cooked soup bone. They drink lots of water, especially when pregnant. Supply fresh, cool water, and change it regularly.

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