What Should You Feed a Pet Salamander?


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In the wild, salamanders are carnivorous. Age determines what and how to feed a pet salamander. In the early stages of development, a salamander requires small types of foods such as daphnia. As it grows, larger food such as red mosquito larvae may be offered.

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What Should You Feed a Pet Salamander?
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After the age of 6 weeks, an adult diet may gradually be introduced. Land salamanders consume foods such as spiders, beetles, pill bugs and fruit flies, while water salamanders eat maggots and rain worms. It’s best to purchase insects from a pet store, as those from a lawn or garden may have been exposed to harmful pesticides. Pet stores often stock live prey bugs that salamanders can hunt. Small fish and shrimp may be offered to water salamanders or they can be included as part of the tank environment.

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