What Should You Feed an Oscar Fish?


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Ideally, pet oscar fish should be given a diet similar to the one they have in the wild, namely insects, small shrimp, crayfish, catfish, fruit that has fallen into the water, algae and plants. In the wild, the latter two items come from the undigested food in the stomachs of their prey.

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A member of the cichlid family, the oscar fish is endemic to Brazil, Peru, French Guiana, Colombia, Ecuador and the Amazon Basin. Although the oscar fish is sold for food in some areas in South America, it has gained popularity among aquarium hobbyists as a pet. Oscar fish on average grow to about 18 inches in length and weigh around 3.5 pounds. Wild oscar fish are typically dark in color, but multicolored, ornamental varieties have been bred for aquarium hobbyists.

Since the majority of wild oscar fishes' diet consists of live food, it is a good idea to provide something similar such as worms, crickets, spiders or basically any other insect that can be collected from the garden. Occasional vegetables such as peas and cucumber will also help keep its food varied. If live food for the fish is hard to come by, fish food that is especially made for pet cichlid species will also do.

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