What Should You Feed Domestic Rabbits?


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A healthy diet for a domestic rabbit includes quality hay, fresh vegetables and 1 tablespoon of rabbit nuggets per day. Owners can also occasionally feed their pets with tiny quantities of fruits, such as apples, grapes and strawberries.

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Veterinarians suggest feeding rabbits with a handful of vegetables in the morning and at night. Some of the safe vegetables that are beneficial for house rabbits include asparagus, basil, broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage. Owners shouldn’t give carrots to their pets, as carrots contain high amounts of sugar. Fruits are also rich in sugar, so they should be added to meals in small quantities. Additionally, veterinarians recommend providing an amount of hay and grass that’s close to the body size of the rabbit. The hay should not be part of the animal’s bedding.

When introducing new foods to a domestic rabbit, a person should provide the foods slowly over the course of a week to avoid hurting the animal’s stomach. Natural treats help contribute to a rabbit’s dental and digestive health. However, owners should avoid buying sugary treats that typically contain honey, as sweet treats can lead to diarrhea and dental issues. Owners should avoid giving rabbit muesli, which is a mixture of seeds and flakes, to house rabbits as it has been found to cause health problems, particularly painful dental diseases. Rabbits should always have access to clean water placed in a bottle with a metal spout.

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