What Should You Expect When a Canine Is Euthanized?


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Although the procedure may vary depending on the veterinarian and the circumstances, in most cases, the veterinarian begins by giving the dog a sedative to help it relax, according to WebMD. Once the sedative takes effect, the veterinarian gives the dog an injection of pentobarbital to stop the dog's heart. While this procedure is painless, the dog may twitch, breathe deeply or keep its eyes open as it dies.

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Most veterinarians are willing to work with pet owners to make the euthanasia process as easy as possible, reports PetMD. Some veterinarians even travel to the dog's home for the process, although others only do it in the clinic. Owners can ask to schedule the appointment for a quiet time to minimize the stress of seeing other dogs in the waiting room and to make sure the veterinarian can give them plenty of time to say goodbye.

Some owners prefer to only be there while the sedative is administered or to not be there at all. Veterinarians can generally accommodate either option, notes PetMD. If the owner chooses to be there, she can generally hold or comfort the dog during the procedure.

Most veterinarians offer various options for handling the dog's remains, adds PetMD. The owner can take them home to bury them, or the veterinarian may work with a pet cremation service.

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