What Should You Do When Your Dog Has a Seizure?

What Should You Do When Your Dog Has a Seizure?

When your dog has a seizure, protect yourself from the dog's teeth, move the dog away from dangerous objects, keep objects away from your dog's mouth, observe your dog until the seizure stops and stay calm and speak calmly to your dog. Bring your dog to your veterinarian when the seizure ends and relay as many details as possible.

  1. Protect yourself and your dog

    As soon as your dog seizures, ensure your safety and your dog's safety by staying away from your dog's mouth and head and by moving your dog away from sharp objects, stairs or furniture.

  2. Take careful notes

    Observe your dog and record how long the seizure lasts and how your dog behaves during the seizure. These notes are helpful when communicating with your veterinarian.

  3. Soothe your dog after the seizure ends

    Talk your dog in a calm matter and do your best to remain calm. Dogs pick up on their owners' anxiety.

  4. Seek medical attention

    Visit your veterinarian when the seizure subsides. Share everything you recorded with your veterinarian.

  5. Head to emergency care if appropriate

    Bring your dog to emergency care If the seizure lasts more than five minutes or if the dog seizures three times in a 24-hour period.