What Should You Do for a Dog That Just Had Puppies?

should-dog-just-puppies Credit: Michael Leach/Oxford Scientific/Getty Images

A dog with new puppies requires special attention from its owner. The experts at Hilltop Animal Hospital advise pet owners to take the dog to a vet the day after she gives birth for a checkup. The vet is usually going to recommend a special diet for the dog while she nurses. Leaving food and water close by is also advisable, as she might not want to leave her litter.

Although most dogs that give birth do not develop any serious health problems, veterinarians recommend that owners watch the dog carefully in the weeks following the birth of the litter. Taking the dog's temperature every day can detect any significant problems. A temperature above 103.5 degrees Fahrenheit requires a visit to an animal hospital, according to veterinarian Dr. Dawn Ruben.

The dog's mammary glands need to be checked for any sign of infection. If a breast is swollen or feels hard to the touch and is reddish-purple, the owner needs to consult a vet as soon as possible. After giving birth a mother dog usually has a discharge from the uterus for about four weeks. This is not a cause for concern in most cases. If the discharge smells bad and turns red, a visit to the vet clinic is necessary.