What Should You Consider When Getting a Dachshund?


Barking, stubbornness and fragile backs are some behavioral and health issues to consider when getting a dachshund. Aside from these issues, dachshunds are generally loyal, entertaining and family-oriented dogs that are fun to have around.

The dachshund belongs to the hound family. His inherent hunting and protective instincts show whenever he barks persistently when unfamiliar people approach his owner or enter his territory. Although this is an innate trait, dachshunds may be trained to stop barking as commanded.

Training a dachshund may be a challenge as well because they are stubborn. These dogs have minds of their own and may resist force or become irritable if pushed too far. A dachshund needs a loving yet firm owner who can patiently teach him good manners.

Although dachshunds look comical with their lengthy bodies, their frames can cause serious spinal problems. These dogs are genetically predisposed to have bad backs and may suffer injury simply going up or down the stairs, running around in circles or jumping off of furniture. Despite their fragile backs, dachshunds love to jump at people and on furniture. You may train your dog to stop jumping altogether. Some people install ramps to help these little dogs down and up the stairs.