What Should You Consider Before Adopting Yorkie Puppies?


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Before adopting a Yorkshire terrier puppy, consider the breed's reputation for high-pitched, frequent barking and the small size and fragility of the dog. Since Yorkies are so small, they are easily injured. A home with small children or larger animals could increase the chance of the dog getting hurt. However, the Yorkie is one of the best breeds for those with allergies because it has no undercoat, does't produce much dander and sheds very little.

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Yorkies are difficult to house train. They have tiny bladders and don't like going outside if it is wet or cold. Training them to eliminate outside takes consistent, persistent training. A covered area outside for the dog to use may help with training.

Consider the grooming required before adopting a Yorkie puppy. Yorkie hair is silky and grows constantly. It needs to be brushed or combed regularly to prevent matting. It can be kept short, but this usually means paying to get the dog's hair professionally cut.

Yorkies are affectionate and get attached to their families. Separation anxiety is very common in Yorkies. Consider how much time the dog may have to spend on its own at home while you're at work or in a kennel if you travel extensively.

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