What Should You Consider Before Adopting Red Fox Pups?


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Before adopting red fox pups, consider local laws and regulations, and determine whether you have the time, space and resources available to care for the animal properly. Many states prohibit residents from having foxes or other non-domesticated animals as pets, and other states prohibit importing non-native species. Foxes require more time and attention than domesticated animals and require care from a veterinarian who treats exotic animals.

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Before adopting a red fox, consider the general temperament and behavioral traits of the species. For instance, adopted foxes are harder to care for and more aggressive than cats or dogs. Red foxes enjoy digging and are very curious. As a result, red foxes dig up potted plants and gardens or cause other damage in the home.

Foxes also mark their territory with urine, requiring frequent cleaning if the animal is kept indoors. Typically, fox owners have fenced pens for the animals. Foxes that are kept indoors should be taken on regular walks. Determine whether local laws allow foxes in dog parks, and always use a leash when walking the animal.

Foxes are generally not as responsive to humans as cats or dogs, which some owners note makes it difficult to form a bond with the animal.

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