How Should You Take Care of a Wild Pet Salamander?

How Should You Take Care of a Wild Pet Salamander?

A wild pet salamander should always be kept in a cage, fed adequately, handled infrequently, kept under very little light and in moderate temperatures. Salamanders may often be mistaken for lizards since they closely resemble each other in appearance.

It is a good idea to find out if it is legal to keep a salamander within the particular region, since in some areas it is illegal to have pet salamanders. Taking care of a salamander entails the following:

  • Build a cage
  • Building a cage that is large enough to comfortably accommodate the salamander is the first step to take before acquiring one as a pet. The cage should have conditions that resemble the wild, which include a damp substrate, pieces of log and bark slabs.

  • Supply food
  • The salamander should be fed at least three times each day in order to ensure it remains healthy. Salamanders feed on earthworms, crickets, pinkie mice and other invertebrates.

  • Handle with care
  • If the salamander has to be moved in order to clean the cage or for any other reason, it should be handled quite cautiously. This is because these creatures have very delicate skin which may get irritated if handled often or wrongly.

  • Maintain a proper environment
  • Salamanders do well in moderate temperatures and dimly lit environments, which is why ensuring they are kept under such conditions is important.