Why Should You Buy a Siberian Mastiff?


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The Siberian Mastiff breed does not exist as of 2014; the nearest existing breed is the Tibetan Mastiff, a massive dog that is slightly longer than it is tall. It can grow up to 33 inches tall and weigh between 100 to 160 pounds. It is traditionally a guard dog and has an average life span of 15 years.

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There are two types of Tibetan Mastiff. The Tsang-khyi is tall with heavy bones and many wrinkles around the face. The Do-khyi is a leaner dog with less wrinkles. Both types of Tibetan Mastiff can be born into the same litter.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a gentle, courageous dog with a strong sense of family loyalty. It acts as a protector and is often kept for guarding homes or flocks against outside predators. The Tibetan Mastiff is a family-friendly pet, but it must be raised and trained carefully from the time it is a puppy. It is wonderful with children and has an even temperament; however, this breed can be wary of strangers and becomes defensive easily.

Because it is a large dog, this breed may not be appropriate for apartment living. It is easily domesticated and does well in homes with small yards. Tibetan Mastiffs need regular exercise in order to remain healthy.

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