Should You Buy a Basset Hound From a Pet Store?

should-buy-basset-hound-pet-store Credit: Don DeBold/CC-BY 2.0

People should usually avoid buying basset hound puppies from a pet store. Pet stores almost always get their dogs from irresponsible breeders, so pet store puppies are likely to have many health and behavioral problems.

The best place to buy a basset hound puppy is directly from a good, responsible breeder. Good breeders are invested in improving the breed and producing high-quality, healthy dogs. They take good care of all of their pets and try to match the right puppy with the right home. They are also a good source of information and support if there are problems with the puppy. A good place to start looking for a breeder is through local basset hound organizations or the Basset Hound Club of America, although it is still important to research any potential breeders.

Breed rescues are another place to look for a basset hound puppy. Many people buy them on impulse, since basset hound puppies are very cute. However, bassets are also stubborn and can be difficult to train and manage, so some people regret their purchases and abandon the dogs. These dogs may be a little older, although puppies do sometimes arrive. However, they are often somewhat trained, which can avoid many of the worst hassles of raising a puppy.