What Should You Know Before You Purchase Cheap Piglets?


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Cheap piglets are often priced low for a reason and may have been exposed to disease or have other health problems. They should generally only be purchased by people who know how to recognize health problems.

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What Should You Know Before You Purchase Cheap Piglets?
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Cheap piglets are often culls, which are piglets that did not meet the breeder's standards. This means they are less likely to grow well, and they should not be used for breeding. Other cheap piglets come from livestock auctions, where it can be difficult to know the quality and where they have probably been exposed to disease. This can result in expensive treatments or death.

Buyers can use some strategies to safely save money on piglets from reputable farms. Buying fall piglets is usually less expensive, because they are easier for breeders to produce than spring piglets. The demand is also lower, because it is easiest to raise pigs during the summer. The downside of this strategy is that pigs grow more slowly during the winter and there may be higher feed costs.

Putting deposits down on pigs before they are weaned can also save money. Many farmers offer lower prices for buyers willing to do this. Being flexible on the breed can also help if the pigs are only going to be used for meat. Different breeds grow at different rates, so choosing a slower growing breed can be less expensive.

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