What Should You Know Before Adopting a Bearded Collie?


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Before bringing home a bearded collie, potential adopters should know the breed has a high-maintenance coat that requires brushing at least once per week. It can take up to an hour to brush out all of the tangles in the dog's coat. Bearded collies also go through periods of heavy shedding, during which they require brushing multiple times per week. The breed requires a great deal of exercise, making it ill-suited for apartment life or owners who are frequently away.

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Bearded collies are intelligent dogs that tend to perform well on obedience and performance tasks, according to PetWave. However, training them can be challenging because many bearded collies have independent personalities and may grow bored with performing the same tasks after a while. To combat this aspect of the breed's personality, trainers must find ways to keep the training process interesting for the dog.

Due to their breeding history, bearded collies often thrive best when they have a job to perform. Many of them receive therapy dog certification and enjoy offering comfort in settings such as hospitals and nursing homes. Agility tasks and herding are two other activities that help satisfy the bearded collie's thirst for mental and physical exercise.

Adult bearded collies weight between 45 and 55 pounds. They are classified as a medium-sized breed.

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