How Often Should I Bathe My Puppy?

should-bathe-puppy Credit: Jim Winstead/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Typically, a puppy should be bathed about once a month. However, depending on the breed and activities of the dog, more frequent bathing may be necessary.

Although bathing a dog is not completely essential, most owners bathe their dogs regularly to limit bad smells and keep the dog clean. This is particularly helpful for dogs with long coats, which may trap smells and dirt. Additionally, very rambunctious dogs or dogs that spend a lot of time in dusty or muddy conditions may need more frequent baths.

Mild shampoos are effective for monthly baths, but for more frequent bathing, a soap-free shampoo that moisturizes is preferred. Puppy skin has a tendency to dry out if standard shampoo is used too frequently.