What Should You Know About Adopting Whippet Puppies?

What Should You Know About Adopting Whippet Puppies?

According to the American Whippet Club, whippets are typically quiet, gentle and not aggressive house dogs. Unlike some other dog breeds, whippet puppies are recommended as suitable for homes with young children.

One thing to note about whippet puppies is that, due to their history as early racing dogs, they can become quite competitive, high-speed sprinters, so it is important to teach recall quickly. Early racing with whippets involved dogs running towards their master, which may also explain their high levels of devotion towards their owners and possible separation anxiety issues that may develop.

Whippet puppies typically provide excessive greetings to both owners and strangers unless early crate training and obedience training are undertaken. Some owners are happy with the level of exuberance displayed; elderly owners or prospective owners with young children may prefer obedience. The American Whippet Club states that excessive greeting excitement is difficult to train out once the trait has been established.

An important consideration before adopting whippet puppies is safety. Whippets like to chase small, moving objects and do not care if their "prey" is across a busy road or in the neighbor’s yard. You need to be able to commit to walking your whippet puppy in a safely fenced area, such as a dog park, or have a securely fenced yard if you plan to let the puppy outside. To be considered secure, a fence should be 5 feet high and have no gaps wider than the puppy's head.

Whippet breeders and rescue centers are typically selective about homes suitable for puppies and may not consider potential owners with other dogs and cats in the home.