What Do Shih Tzus Eat?


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According to All Shih Tzu, these petite dogs need to eat organ meats, lamb or chicken, fish, vegetables and pasta or rice. Organ meats include the heart, liver and brains, while popular vegetables are broccoli and carrots. Puppies under three months need 1 ounce of food per pound of weight; thereafter, one-half ounce per pound is sufficient.

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Must Love Shih Tzu recommends that careful dietary planning helps ensure a happy puppy with a lustrous coat and good dental health. Good nutrition avoids typical Shih Tzu health problems, such as weight gain, food allergies and ear and skin infections. Additionally, the dog's age and activity level help to determine his nutritional needs.

All Shih Tzu strongly recommends that owners prepare simple, nutritious, home-cooked meals for their pets. Manufactured dog foods often have fillers, artificial colorings and other unhealthy additives and preservatives. However, All Shih Tzu endorses brands like Orijen and Blue Wilderness because these companies offer high-quality pet nutrition.

Shih Tzus are allergic to many healthy human foods, such as grapes and raisins, and ingesting even small amounts of them often leads to kidney damage. Consuming chocolate may result in coma and death, and onions destroy red blood cells. Caffeine may cause seizures, coma and death, and table salt adversely affects kidney functions.

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