What Is a Shih Tzu Teddy Bear Cut?

The Shih Tzu teddy bear cut is a specific type of hair cut that highlights the face of the dog and makes it look like a stuffed teddy bear. This particular type of hair cut is one of several that pet owners can use on their dogs.

According to Jesse Feldman of Pet Care Rx, the teddy bear cut only applies to the facial hair found on the dog. The stylist cuts the hair in a way that makes the dog's face look rounder and fluffier. According to Everything Shih Tzu, the groomer cuts the hair around the face to an average length and crops the dog's body hair shorter. This gives the pet a more rounded face that resembles a teddy bear. Pet owners can combine the teddy bear cut with a top knot, which refers to a longer hair style. With a top knot, the groomer pulls the hair on the dog's head back to form a short ponytail. This is a popular look at dog shows, and the top knot keeps the hair out of the dog's eyes. Other popular types of cuts for this breed of dog include the puppy cut and the top knot show cut.