How Do You Shave a Dog?

How Do You Shave a Dog?

When shaving a dog, start at the front of the animal, go with the grain of the hair and do not cut too close, leaving at least 1 inch of growth. Be sure to let the clippers rest every few minutes. If they run too long, the clippers will get hot, which means there is a risk of burning the dog.

During warm weather, dogs with long coats often do better if their fur is clipped short. Canine breeds with short hair should not be clipped, as that runs the risk of sunburn. The same holds true when clipping the long-haired breeds. If the hair is cut too short, there is a risk of sunburn as well as ingrown hairs.

  1. Secure the animal
  2. For the dog's safety as well as that of who is grooming the animal, secure the dog with a collar and leash. It may be helpful to have an assistant to hold the animal's head during the grooming process.

  3. Start at the front of the animal
  4. Begin clipping at the base of the neck and clip in the direction of hair growth. Move the clippers slowly down towards the tail and down the legs.

  5. Use a gentle touch
  6. Do not use heavy pressure with the clippers; simply glide them over the animal's coat. It might be helpful to make more than one pass over the fur, especially if it is exceptionally long.

  7. Use scissors to trim
  8. It is best to use scissors to trim the hair on the tail, ears and legs. Scissors can add shape to the tail and ears and give the animal a finished, clean look.