Which Sharks Live in the Indian Ocean?

The Indian Ocean is home to a multitude of shark species, some dangerous to human beings, others not. According to the Shark Foundation, species making their homes in these temperate waters include, but are not limited to blue sharks, silky sharks, whale sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks, shortfin mako, the great hammerhead, thresher and great white.

One of the more docile and popular of the sharks mentioned is the whale shark, a species estimated to be the largest fish in the world. There still remains so much to be investigated about the species, which makes it an active focus of research. They can be viewed at snorkeling depth in some locales. Silky sharks are so-called for the smooth quality of their skin, a feature not found on any other shark species. Blue sharks enjoy the ocean's mild temperatures and are keen hunters of everything from squid and birds to even smaller sharks. Of course, the Indian Ocean is also home to all five of the sharks that have been ranked as most dangerous to humans: the great white, tiger, shortfin mako, Oceanic whitetip and bull shark.

In addition to all these varieties, a 2012 survey found that the Indian Ocean was home to a number of rarely observed deep-sea sharks, including the false and filetail catsharks. In total, National Geographic announced that as many as eight completely new species may have been discovered.