Which Sharks Live in the Atlantic Ocean?

Mako sharks, cookie cutter sharks, sandbar sharks, smooth dogfish and the common thresher are all types of sharks that live in the Atlantic Ocean. The bull shark, known as the most dangerous to humans, also inhabits the Atlantic Ocean.

The porbeagle shark also lives in the Atlantic Ocean. This shark, known for its ability to swim very quickly, is close to extinction.

Mako sharks, though found primarily found in the Atlantic Ocean, are extremely migratory and can sometimes be spotted in more tropical regions. Mako sharks are eaten as seafood, but their population is dwindling.

The smalleye shark (also known as the golden hammerhead shark) is also found in the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for its small size, its hammer-shaped head and its odd, golden-beige color.

Another inhabitant of the Atlantic Ocean is the velvet belly lantern shark. This shark has a distinctive black stomach. It is bioluminescent, meaning that it emits light from its body. This is one of the most common sharks in the Atlantic, and it typically gets no larger than 18 inches.

The Atlantic Ocean is also home to the basking shark, the spiny dogfish and the dusky shark, all of which are sharks that are close to extinction.