Where Do Sharks Live?

sharks-live Credit: Elias Levy/CC-BY 2.0

Sharks are found in every ocean in the world and are sometimes found out of their habitat in rivers and streams. There are around 368 species of sharks in the world.

Sharks, like most fish, do not stay with their eggs after they are hatched. They could lay eggs hundreds of miles from their current habitat and never see their young hatch. Sharks will frequently travel for long distances to find food and will generally go only where there is a large amount of food for them to live off of. They are not territorial creatures and are able to change their habitat somewhat easily depending on their nutrition needs. They are among some of the most adaptable animals on the planet.

Sharks are cold-blooded animals. They are able to take care of themselves from the time they are born and most sharks, depending on their species, prefer different types of water. Many sharks prefer to stay in areas where there is warm water. There are also species of sharks that prefer cold waters. While it is possible, most sharks that live in cold water will not migrate to warmer waters or vice versa. Although sharks spend much of their time at deeper depths, they can be found in shallow water and near reefs as well.