How Do You Set up a Leopard Gecko Terrarium?


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To set up a leopard gecko terrarium, get a large tank and add a substrate. Place recreational objects, a damp box and a water dish in the tank. Add a basking light, and adjust the temperature.

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  1. Use a large tank

    The tank should be at least 15 gallons for two to three leopard geckos. Keep males and females separate, and keep only one male in the tank.

  2. Add a substrate

    Avoid using wood chips or sand. Shredded paper or indoor/outdoor carpet are appropriate.

  3. Make a damp box

    A damp box gives your geckos a place to shed. Fill a plastic container with moss or damp soil. Cut a hole in the lid, and place it on top. Place the damp box in the terrarium.

  4. Provide objects for hiding and climbing

    Add a half of a log for the geckos to hide behind and climb on. You can also buy reptile caves from the pet store, or make your own using cardboard boxes.

  5. Add a water dish

    Provide a shallow dish with water for drinking. Change the water and clean the dish on a regular basis.

  6. Adjust the climate

    Geckos don't require UV lights like some reptiles, and they prefer dim conditions. Provide an area with a red incandescent light bulb for them to bask. Use a ceramic heating element or an under-tank heater to keep the temperature around 88 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

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