How Do You Set up a Fish Tank?


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A fish tank can be set up by first purchasing all of the needed equipment and then setting up the aquarium and stand, placing the gravel and water, installing the filter and then decorating. To find out the appropriate equipment for a particular kind of fish visit the local pet store or local library.

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Make sure that the aquarium is not in direct sunlight and then place it in a good location within the house that it can stay in permanently. Once the aquarium is set up with its stand or on a counter top, the gravel and water will need to be added. To keep the gravel from displacing itself, put a plate on top of the gravel and then slowly fill the water up on top of the plate.

Install the heater for the tank and the filter. These are necessary regardless of the type of aquarium that a person has, but will need to be calibrated to different temperatures and settings depending on the type of fish in the tank. Next, start the heater and the filter.

Finally, put vegetation and other decorative items into the tank. Do not put fish inside of the tank for 24 to 48 hours to ensure that the water is ready for the fish and the environment is stable.

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