How to Set up Boarding Kennels for Dogs?


Boarding kennels are a must of pet lovers who find themselves traveling frequently and do not have anyone to provide home care for their pets. Boarding kennels help in taking care of the dogs when the owners are absent and, in some cases, help train the dogs too.

When planning on starting your kennel boarding enterprise, the first step is to take help from a Certified Public Accountant on the process for setting up the business. Get the required business license from the city or county office and find all the details regarding the necessary permits, the health inspection process etc. The sales tax license details too need to be acquired.

Once the above details are taken care of, the next step is identifying the right location for the business. Get the permit from the zoning department for the kennel and mount the sign advertising your services.

Check out the competition and the services they provide. This is required to provide innovative and better service packages to attract customers. With the information obtained, come up with the business specific services and price packages. Take assistance of a veterinarian to be on call if the boarding pets need.

Set up the kennels and all the necessary equipment. Interview carefully and hire right service staff for the kennel. Advertise the start of the boarding kennel with a big bang, and wait for the first customers to walk in.