What Services Do Free Vet Clinics Offer?


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The most common service offered by free vet clinics is spaying and neutering. Many city animal welfare departments and private shelters offer these services to help prevent pet overpopulation.

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What Services Do Free Vet Clinics Offer?
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Additionally, some programs may offer free vaccination. This is particularly true for rabies vaccinations, which are usually required by law and help prevent the spread of the fatal disease to humans. Others may vaccinate puppies against canine parvovirus, which is highly contagious and often fatal to puppies.

Low-cost veterinary clinics are more common than completely free ones. These clinics sometimes operate on fixed discount prices, but some also use a sliding-scale payment system based on the pet owner's income. This means that it may be free for people with very low incomes. These veterinary clinics often offer more services, such as a wider array of vaccinations and wellness checks. They also may prescribe necessary medications and offer treatment for diseases or injuries. Some also offer discounted dental cleaning and extractions.

There are also some charity funds that pay normal veterinary fees on the owner's behalf. These are usually designed to treat emergency situations such as illness or injury. Some also pay ongoing treatment costs for things such as insulin for diabetic dogs. These can often be found on animal rescue sites or by contacting local shelters.

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