What Services Are Offered at the Cambridge & District Humane Society in Canada?


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The Cambridge and District Humane Society provides temporary shelter to needy animals in its service area. Volunteers bring homeless animals to the center's facility and care for them while finding new homes and providing education on how to care for these animals to adopters.

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The Cambridge and District Humane Society includes a number of services with each adoption, such as the animal's first round of vaccines, deworming treatment and the installation of an AVID microchip. The society also cleans the ears and trims the nails of every dog or cat adopted and provides a special six-week insurance policy through PetSecure.

While the organization is equipped for spaying and neutering animals, the volunteers working may, at their discretion, offer adopters certificates and rebates covering the cost at a participating veterinarian's clinic. The society also includes flea, tick and mite prevention treatments with each adopted dog or cat.

The society is nonprofit, but it does not receive any funds from the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to which it is affiliated. As a result, adoptions cost between $99 and $275, as of 2015. The society allows a 48-hour waiting period for individuals and families to confirm adoption decisions.

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