What Services Does Foothills Animal Shelter Provide?


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Foothills Animal Shelter provides spay and neuter services, pet surrendering services, microchip implants, emergency evacuation and boarding services, and end of life services. The shelter accepts dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and many other species of domesticated animals.

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In an effort to control the pet population and the percentage of animals that do not have homes, Foothills Animal Shelter offers low cost spay and neuter services. The procedures also help keep pets healthy by preventing certain types of cancers and help avoid the high cost of caring for litters. Microchip implants help keep animals healthy by giving vets access to an animal's medical history. Foothills provides this service for a low cost as well.

If owners have developed allergies to their pets or cannot find or afford suitable housing for them, then the shelter offers pet surrendering services. Owners wishing to surrender their pets must provide proof of residence and the animal's medical history, including history of vaccinations; they must also pay a surrender fee. The shelter also boards animals in times of a natural disaster.

Finally, end of life services and euthanasia are provided at a cost, along with the option of cremation. Owners can also request a private cremation for additional cost.

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