What Services Does the American Kennel Club Offer?


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In addition to training and educational services, the primary service the American Kennel Club offers is purebred dog registration. This service enables breeders to keep track of bloodlines and prove their dogs are purebred.

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What Services Does the American Kennel Club Offer?
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The AKC also registers mixed breed dogs in a separate registry. This is usually used for competition purposes, since mixed breed dogs can compete in sports such as agility. The AKC oversees many dog shows and competitions, sometimes working with other organizations to do so.

It also offers educational services, especially about training and purebred dog breeds. The AKC maintains a guideline of breed standards. Its online store sells a variety of products, and the club is involved in political lobbying to help protect dogs and dog owners. It is particularly active in lobbying against breed-specific legislation.

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