What are some facts about service dogs?


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Service dogs come in a variety of types such as armed service dogs, blind service dogs and hearing dogs. These dogs start training at birth to complete the requirements of their duties. These dogs often wear a vest so humans recognize that they are service dogs and are unlike their regular counterparts.

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Service dogs for the blind help their partner by walking them in a straight path while helping them to avoid obstacles and stop at curbs or streets so their owners do not run into traffic. Blind service dogs are trained to never take a turn unless their owner directs them to do so, making them imperative for the blind to keep their path. Armed service dogs often help officials with dangerous assignments such as sniffing out bombs or discovering narcotics not seen by the human eye. These dogs often help officials find lost children or track criminals with their superior smelling abilities.

Hearing dogs have special training to assist their owner in situations that may happen irregularly and could be dangerous to their health. A hearing dog is trained to inform their owner of sounds such as the door bell ringing or an alarm clock going off. A hearing dog is also important in case of emergencies such as the blaring of a fire alarm.

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