How Do You Get a Service Dog?

How Do You Get a Service Dog?

Get a service dog by applying to a service dog agency. Tell them about all disabilities you may have and how a dog might help you. You may need documentation from your doctor outlining your condition.

  1. Get your documents in order

    You need to be diagnosed with an illness or be legally disabled for a service dog agency to accept your application.

  2. Get your finances in order

    Insurance may cover the initial cost of a service dog, but you are responsible for the animal's care. Ensure you can afford food, veterinary care and other essentials.

  3. Make sure you're healthy enough

    You need to be healthy enough to care for and help train your dog. If you aren't healthy enough, have someone live with you who can help with the animal's care.

  4. Ensure there are no other pets

    Many organizations do not offer service dogs to homes with existing pets.

  5. Participate in training

    Once you're matched with a dog, participate in its training. The dog must get accustomed to your household and learn to help with your individual needs.

  6. Get ongoing help

    Once the dog has been trained, contact the organization for ongoing help if more training is needed. If your dog retires or passes away, the organization can also help you find a successor dog.