What Is a Self-Service Pet Wash?

A self-service pet wash provides facilities for pet owners to bathe their pets themselves. These establishments typically provide tubs to accommodate pets of all sizes, and many provide shampoo, conditioner, towels, aprons and air dryers. Some offer toothbrushes, toothpaste, brushes and combs.

Rather than dealing with the often messy pet-bathing procedure at home, owners can handle the job at a self-service pet wash, and leave the cleanup to the staff. Tubs are often placed at a comfortable height that allows owners to control their pets more easily and reduces the chances of injury for both the pet and owner.

When pet owners bathe their own pets instead of having the chore handled by a groomer, it allows them to bond with their pets. It is often a pleasant experience for both the pet and the owner. In addition, it is usually less costly for owners to bathe their pets themselves at a self-service pet wash than it is to have the task handled by a groomer.

Some self-service pet washes are coin-operated with automated water and shampoo dispensers, while others allow the owner to use water, shampoo and other supplies as needed and take as much time as they wish. Some self-service pet washes offer other services, such as nail clipping, perfumes and dog biscuits, at additional costs. Some also provide full-service bathing and grooming services.