How Do You Sedate a Dog Safely?

How Do You Sedate a Dog Safely?

Safely sedating a dog involves assessing how long the dog needs to be sedated, administering the sedative and monitoring the pet. Dogs should only be sedated by a veterinarian or someone acting under the direction of the pet's vet. Giving too much of a sedative or sedating unnecessarily, such as when the owner is going to be at work all day, can cause serious harm to the animal.

Following these steps decreased the chances of an adverse reaction or outcome when sedating a dog.

  1. Determine how long the dog needs to be sedated
  2. Different lengths of time will require different dosages.

  3. Administer the medication
  4. Depending on the recommendation of the vet, this may be as simple as hiding a pill in some peanut butter or injecting a liquid medication into the bloodstream.

  5. Monitor the dog
  6. Sedatives carry risks, making it important for the animal to be monitored while sedated to ensure there are no problems with heart rate or blood pressure.