How Do You Find Seal Point Kittens for Sale?


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To find seal point kittens for sale by checking online directories, such as CatsNow.com, and contact breeders that deal in pure-bred cats, such as the National Siamese Cat Club. Animal rescue networks and shelters such as Speciality Purebred Cat Rescue sometimes have seal point kittens available for adoption.

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Seal point is a kind of coloration that is particularly associated with the Siamese breed of cat. Seal points are mostly fawn or cream-colored, with dark brown extremities and faces. Kittens with seal point markings are also available in other breeds, such as Cornish Rex, but seal point is considered classic Siamese.

CatsNow.com, a website for cat dealers, offers a variety of kittens for sale. Prospective owners should also check with purebred cat rescues, as they occasionally have kittens available. Siamese cat breeders looking to sell can be contacted directly using information posted on the National Siamese Cat Club website.

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